Bassist SHAWN LOVATO works as a freelance jazz bassist performing in New York City’s finest venues. He tours the country regularly, performing with jazz ensembles in such concert halls as The Egg in Albany, NY, The Jim Thorpe Opera House in Jim Thorpe, PA, and the Morgantown Auditorium in Morgantown, NC. In addition to his dedication to jazz, he performs and records with chamber ensembles, Celtic groups, independent contemporary composers, and dance choreographers. He has frequently collaborated with the group Four Celtic voices, recording on their album Four Leaf Clover which reached number one on the Billboard Charts for World Music and performing for a live television broadcast on the QVC Network. Lovato holds a B.S. in Jazz and Commercial Music from Hofstra University, where he graduated cum laude.

Lovato is a dedicated music educator, teaching jazz and classical bass throughout the New York area. He currently serves as adjunct professor of jazz at Hofstra University.



In this rehearsal of Michael Gordon's For Madeline, Shawn Lovato digs into his part and describes how all of the rhymically diverse parts of the ensemble contribute to a greater and collective soundscape for the listener.