Hailing from all ends of the United States, cellist MARIA BELLA JEFFERS has been happily making music in New York City since 2001. Her classical background has led to performances of timeless masterworks for chamber and orchestral ensembles; her love to rock has ushered her into studios and onto stages with some of the funkiest, raucous, boundary breaking, innovative and legendary artists of our time. Her string quartet Osso plucked, growled, snarled and howled it's way into existence on the Run Rabbit Run record with Jeffers leading the fine-feathered ensemble on a successful North American tour. Jeffers holds degrees in both performance and education from the University of North Texas in addition to her tutelage under Manhattan School of Music's distinguished teachers. Her pursuit of the classics has led to opportunities with orchestras from Key West to Colorado Springs, and performances around the world with music that ranges from Bach to rock and everything in between.